The Orchestra of National Instruments of Armenia was founded in 2004 and in April 2005 it received the status of State Orchestra.

The founders are Ara Gevorgyan, Honored Artist of RA, and Norayr Davtyan, Honored Artist of RA,Professor who is also the Artistic Director and Chief Conductor of the Orchestra.

There are 40 musicians with higher musical education in the Orchestra.
The list of creations which are played by the Orchestra includes popular and folk music, and works of contemporary authors, with diverse and multifaceted repertoire: fiddle, Rhapsody and Concerto.

Many well-known and favorite singers such as Tovmas Poghosyan, Varduhi Khachatryan, Papin Poghosyan, Shushan Petrosyan, Leyla Saribekyan, Arsen Grigoryans – Mro and Aso, Vardan Badalyan, Hamlet Gevorgyan, Susanna Safaryan, Arus Gulanyan, Arsen Safaryan, Sona Shahgeldyan, Gohar Hovhannisyan and others also perform in the orchestra as invited singers.

The Orchestra performed concerts in many prestigious stages in Yerevan, in a number of cities and regions of Armenia as well as in Artsakh and the Russian Federation.

From April 7 through 12, 2014, the Orchestra performed concerts in the cities of Turkmenbashi and Ashgabat in Turkmenistan, in the framework of the official visit of the President of the Republic of Armenia and the cultural days.

In 2009 the Orchestra’s first CD, “Aravot Luso” ('Early Morning' ), was released . In 2010, within the framework of the National Music Awards, the Orchestra won the “Best Folk Ensemble of the Year” nomination.

Also, the Orchestra’s major mission is to preserve, develop and transfer the traditions of long-established folk song performing arts to the future generations.

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